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GIF Meme

I’ve seen the Screencap Meme being used as a GIF Meme, too, but I thought I’d make my own inspired by that.

01. up close & personal: gifs where the subject is in close up.
02. showing emotion: gifs that prominently display a character’s emotions.
03. faceless: gifs where the subject’s face is not visible.
04. looking down: gifs where the subject is looking down.
05. bruised & battered: gifs where the subject is banged up.
06. hair: gifs that highlight a character’s (usually female) hair.
07. outfits: favorite outfits or looks that character has worn.
08. full body shots: gifs that show the subject’s entire body.
09. silhouettes: the subject should be in silhouette.
10. touch megifs where characters are touching each other or other things of importance.
11. scenerygasm: the subject of the gif is the dominant scenery.
12. objects: gifs where the primary focus is of an object not a character.
13. spacethe focus of these gifs is interesting use of space [often negative].
14.night & day: gifs where the subject is out in the light of day or the darkness of the night.
15. quotes: favourite quotes from a character, in gifs.
16. colors: 
an specific color is emphasised and highlighted in the gifs.
17. colours abound: 
gifs with great colouring even before editing.

18. tickles my pickle: whatever floats your boat. 

[*I (fightingsomany) edited the original version a little bit to suit my likings.]

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